Surry County Sheriff's Office

Surry County North Carolina

Sheriff Steve C. Hiatt

School Resource Officer Division

School Resource Officers (SRO) are sworn law enforcement officers assigned to specific school campuses. Everyday these officers interact with students at their designated school. School Resource Officers give emphasis to three key roles in the schools. These key roles and responsibilities are:

  • To act as a resource for students who may be experiencing difficulty or who may have an interest in areas where the officer has some expertise.
  • To be available to assist in classrooms whose curriculum includes topics such as health, civics, social studies and constitution or statutory law.
  • To perform any necessary law enforcement function.

SROs work closely to bridge the gaps that can separate students from campus life, and administration and teachers from youth. School Resource Officers act as a liaison to the principal in investigating criminal law violations and maintain a close relationship with school administrators to ensure a safe and orderly educational environment. SROs also work closely with parents and faculty groups to solicit their support and understanding of the School Resource Officer program and to promote awareness of law enforcement functions. It is imperative that law enforcement officers work with school administrators and members of the community to ensure that all efforts are taken to maintain the safety of our students and our schools.