North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology (NC FAST) is a program designed to improve the way the NC Department of Health and Human Services and County departments of Social Services do business. NC FAST introduces new technological tools and business processes that will enable workers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time assisting families.

This is a joint effort by all our counties as we are fully committed as a team to make this new technology the greatest!


Families will have:

  • One-time communication of their information and needs to one caseworker.
  • Confidence that their benefits will be determined in an expedited, consistent manner from any place in the state.

Communities will have:

  • Increased responsiveness to community needs.
  • Increased community outreach.
  • Better outcomes for dollars invested.

County Departments of Social Services and their employees will have:

  • Tools to help them share information and track cases across program areas and County lines.
  • More time to assist families as administrative tasks are automated.
  • Increased ability to work with families within existing resources.
  • Enhanced partnerships with employers, service providers and other support organizations.
  • Enhanced ability to identify clients' needs.

The State will have:

  • Access to current, accurate and useful data that is integrated across programs.
  • Comprehensive data on service delivery for accountability and decision-making purposes.
  • Enhanced partnerships with counties and other state entities.

The vision for NC FAST includes the following elements:

  • Efficient, effective assessment: Automated tools for workers to assess needs and determine eligibility.
  • Comprehensive case management: Tools to help workers track cases, share information, and coordinate services across programs.
  • Better outcomes/evaluation information: Comprehensive data for evaluating outcomes and ensuring accountability across programs.
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