Lt. Greg Kirkman
Narcotic Division
The mission of the Surry County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division is to conduct investigations necessary to identify and eliminate drug suppliers that control the flow of drugs in Surry County. Through the use of information provided by informants and concerned citizens Investigators conduct operations which result in the arrest of drug dealers in Surry County. This is accomplished by working undercover, conducting surveillance, and executing search warrants.
The Surry County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division is responsible for collecting, recording, and maintaining evidence used for successful prosecutions of drug dealers in the Surry County area. The Narcotics division also works jointly with city, state, and federal agencies in order to make sure that drug dealers can not hide behind jurisdictional lines. The goal is to reduce all drug activity by effectively investigating, and combating drug activity in Surry County, thus enhancing the quality of life for the citizens in the Surry County community.
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