Detention Division
The Detention Division is comprised of Detention Supervisors, Detention Officers, Medical Staff and Kitchen personnel that work together as a team to provide the safety, security and needs of those inmates incarcerated within the Surry County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center. The Detention Center can house a total of 149 male and female inmates and juveniles ages 16 and 17. The Detention Division has a medical nurse 40 hours a week to oversee all medical issues. The Detention Divisions averages over 60 transports a month, approximately 12,000 miles a month in transports.
The Detention Division is comprised of 31 Detention Officers and 3 Kitchen Staff employees. It is broken down into four squads that work twelve hour shifts on a rotating basis. Each squad has a Sergeant, Senior Officer and 5 detention officers. There are two Detention Officers assigned to transportation. There is 1 Detention Officer assigned as the Courtroom Officer. The Kitchen staffing consists of a Supervisor, 2 full time employees, and 2 part-time employees. A Lieutenant supervises the entire Division.
There are four municipalities within Surry County , the Mt. Airy Police Department, Dobson Police Department, Elkin Police Department, and the Pilot Mountain Police Department. The Detention Center is also the housing facility for the four municipality’s arrestees that are assigned to a detention facility.
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