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What is GIS?  It is a computer technology that combines geographic data (the location of man-made and natural features of the earth's surface) and other types of information (names, classifications, addresses, and much more) to generate visual maps and reports. GIS integrates and streamlines work flows to more efficiently manage information that will be shared by other County agencies and departments, which will give both government employees and the public fast, reliable access to many types of digital information. As a result, the county and the public will be able to process information faster and make better decisions.

Wendy Williams
Land Records Coordinator

Surry County Government Service Center
915 E. Atkins Street
P. O. Box 588 - Assessment
P.O. Box 576 - Collections

Dobson, NC 27017
(336) 401-8100 (O)
(336) 401-8132 (F)