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History of Surry County, NC

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Marriage License History
Surry County is probably the only county in the state that has records of all existing marriages in the county. The earliest marriage is 1778. Records of the time are most likely marriage bonds, minister and J.P. returns, as well as marriage licenses.  Marriage records 1771 to 1778 do not exist and in the early years following that, the records do not seem to be complete.  There are also a number of missing marriage records from late 1800's and early 1900's. However, abstracts of information from the index, regarding the marriages, have been created. The marriage records also include co-habitation records recorded in 1868.  

Birth Record History
The registration of birth records in North Carolina began in 1913. Surry County has over 115,000 birth records. The records also contain delayed birth records for those who were born before 1913 and those born after 1913 whose birth was not reported and who had a delayed birth certificate prepared.

Death Record History 
The registration of death records in North Carolina also began in 1913.

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