Commercial Permitting and Inspections

 Surry County follows the North Carolina Building Codes.
Any "change of use" of the space will require a design professional to be involved. Steps:

  • Fill out the permit application properly with an email Our inspection software can send your inspection results to your email.
  • Before any commercial permit can be released, construction drawings must be turned in for plan review and You will also need to submit your construction drawings into the local fire marshal for their plan review and approval.
  • Any restaurants will be required to go through Surry County Food and Lodging Department for approval before a permit is
  • You will also need to check your local zoning department for their zoning
  • Any commercial project that the total cost (building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical) is $300,000 or greater and if the square footage of the building is 3000 or more, the project will require engineer sealed drawings.
  • After the zoning permit from the local municipality has been awarded and the plan review from both Surry County Inspection and the local fire marshal has been approved, the building permit will be At that time, work can begin.
  • When you begin construction, make sure you have property signage at the This can be the address, contractor sign or name of the project.
  • All work must be done by licensed.
  • Make sure you have a job site box with the drawings in the box and port-a-jons on site.
  • Make sure your work is complete and ready for inspection before calling in your inspection.
  • Always leave a name and contact information when calling and scheduling your This will help the inspector locate who and where he needs to go when he gets to the site. Be sure to include any lock box directions or scope of work to be inspected.
  • At the end of construction, a building is not allowed by code to be occupied for the use intended until all work has been inspected by the Surry County Inspections and the local fire marshal, and zoning officials have awarded a certificate of occupancy.

Metal carports 

 Any building or structure that is 12' x 12' or greater is required to have a permit.

  • You will need to go through Environmental Health for approval, before getting a building Their direct line is 336.401.8325.
  • For the permitting application, a set of engineered drawings of the metal building will need to be submitted. The inspectors will also need a set of drawings to be on the job site for the inspections. These drawings will be supplied by the metal building company that you are purchasing the building
  • The metal building company will not get the permit for The purchaser of the building is responsible for getting the building permit.
  • Be careful and do your research on the metal carport/building company that you are There are a lot of metal building companies popping up locally, just make sure they have engineered drawings to back up the product they are selling you. Each company operates differently, so make sure you do your research before purchasing.
  • Make sure your engineered drawings have a footing/foundation detail, for your concrete contractor to follow to prepare your concrete slab. You will most likely be responsible for getting your own concrete Make sure they understand and follow the engineering drawings on the footings. If they don't follow It properly, it will be a fail on the inspection and it will also void any kind of warranty of your building.
  • The metal building company will probably have you put money down on the building to secure the Some companies will sell that building to an installer that will Install the building on your site. When the installer has completed your building, the installer will want to be paid what Is left from what you owe. We advise you not to pay until the inspector has passed the final inspection on your building.

Metal Building Homes/Barndominums are not the same as metal accessory buildings. They require more engineering and must meet North Carolina Residential Codes. Before you get a building permit for the metal building homes, you will need to turn in all your plans for a plan review. This is to protect you. There is a big structural design difference between the metal accessory building and the metal home.  There Is only a couple metal carport/building companies that do the metal building homes. Again, I urge you to do your research before making a purchase.