About Us

The mission of the Surry County Health & Nutrition Center is to protect and promote personal, family and community health; ensure a safe and healthy environment; and to prevent or control the incidence and spread of disease.

A healthy and educated community where families are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential in a safe and clean environment.

…in the Future
What will the focus be for the Health Center as we look ahead to the coming years?

  • The aging of our county's population will require more resources to meet the health care needs of our seniors. Chronic disease and "lifestyle behaviors" will be a focus in prevention and in programming.
  • Environmental health will expand to include more aspects of air quality and chemical use.
  • Preparation for response to bioterrorism and emerging pathogens will become the routine.

Public health has always had to "do more with less". As resources are rationed, we will need to review efficiencies in our services and determine what is needed to provide for the public's health. More outside sources of funding (grants) may be needed to initiate or sustain programs.

We are always evaluating our programs and should be accountable to our citizens. What should we be doing beyond the core functions of public health? We will extend our role in any way needed to fulfill our role of protecting and promoting health for Surry County. Our agency has had a distinguished and proud history. We are able and ready to successfully meet challenges in the days ahead.